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DIY Craft Idea: How To Make Winter Snow Globes

Entry #3162, January 1, 2014

To make handmade snow globes is way easier than one would believe. And since you can decorate it with whatever you can think of, and they can represent your wintery season or give them to friends and family for “just because” gifts after the holidays. DIY crafts are perfect for the kids when they need something to do, or for you when you are wanting to make keepsake items.

They can be made as dry snow globes or with water and kids can help making them, since it is so easy!

home made snow globes pic

DIY snow globes  

Image via: Pinterest

DIY Craft Idea: How To Make Winter Snow globes

snowglobe ideas

Snow globe ideas

Image via: We Heart It

What You Will Need

For water filled snow globes, you will need:

  • Jars with a lid that seals tight. Any size and shape of jar with a wide lid will do.
  • Plastic or ceramic figurines and trees that are water resistant
  • If you like, you can use laminated pictures
  • Water-resistant glue or hot glue
  • Glitter or fake snow
  • Small plastic bottle caps to lift the items a little bit, especially if your lid has wide sides
  • Paint for the lid and/or jars or ribbons or fabric for decoration

If you want to make dry snow globes, you won’t have to worry about water-resistant items or tight lids.

Various homemade snow globes

Various homemade snow globes

Image via: Pinterest

How To Make Snow Globes

Take the lid off the jar. If you want, you can even paint the lid. If it is necessary, you can glue one or more caps to the bottom of the lid. When they are dry, glue the items you want, paying attention so that they will not touch the sides of the jar when you screw the lid back on it. Let the glue dry completely and check that everything stays in place when you turn the lid upside down. Now, fill the jar with water, almost to the top. Add the glitter or fake snow. You can add a little glycerin or baby oil, which will make the glitter or fake snow fall slower. Now it’s time to screw the lid carefully on the jar. You can glue put insulating tape around the lid, but keep in mind that after that you will not be able to change the water or fix anything if there is need to.

Snow globe with snow man

DIY snow globe with snow man

Image via: Spoonful

Use some burlap or other fabrics, beautiful wintery ribbons and felt decorations to round things up and to decorate the jar lid, if you haven’t painted it.

Snow globe with burlap

Snow globe with burlap

Image via: Pinterest

That’s it! The perfect way to keep winter in a jar all year around! We’d love to know what you will put in your globe!

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