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Home Organization: Transforming Your Winter Closet

Entry #3191, January 13, 2014

The cold winter weather is definitely a “bed” weather. But don’t feel like the cold weather has to put a damper on your home rituals. This winter is the perfect time for home organization. You can do something at home to warm up your body and have your things organized at the same time. All you need to do is to transform your winter closet into a stylish and functional storage.

Transforming your closet doesn’t have to be seasonal. You can actually do this project as soon as you feel there’s a need for a change. So, it’s not just keeping your body warm by doing this task, but also doing something good for your interior. Here are some helpful ideas in transforming your winter closet:

Home Organization: Transforming Your Winter Closet

Make it your private home office

One of the unique and smart ways to transform your closet is by making it your home office. You can do this by setting up your desktop computer, file folders and other office essentials in a vertical space of your closet. This transformation is really cool and will save you a lot of space. You can use the vertical space of your coat closet for this project. Choose a perfect color theme to pump up your new home office space.

closet into office

Make smart choices using the space

Image via: Pottery Barn

Covert your closet into a fully-stocked bar

Turn your dreary linen closet into a functional masterpiece by making it a stocked bar. Anyone who gets to see this closet transformation will definitely be amazed with its looks. You can place the wine rack on top and have another shelf below for the miscellaneous. If you want to make it look deeper and wider, attached a mirror at the back and side wall to provide the illusion.

closet into bar

Turn your closet into a bar

Image via: Houzz

Transform it into a mini library

If you have a drab closet in your room, the best way to make it functional and useful is to transform it into a mini library. All you need is to remodel the shelves of your closet like the ones you see in a library. Then, fill-in the shelves with books, magazines and other learning materials. Make sure you add more lights to make it inviting and more comfortable.

closet into library

Use the closet’s space to create a library and a reading nook

Image via: Pinterest

Now that you know these beautiful transformation ideas for your closet, it’s about time to decide which one’s fit your preference.

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