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Fun Winter Craft: How to Make a Bird Feeder

Entry #3199, January 16, 2014

When the winter comes, we often forget about all the little animals out there that are struggling to find some food. Same goes for little birds, too. A great way to help them, keep your kids busy and teach them about the importance of loving animals and nature all at once, is to make your own bird feeders. There are many different ways to make them. Here are a few easy DIY ideas to make a bird feeder.

Fun Winter Craft: How to Make a Bird feeder

bird feeders

Making bird feeders is great fun for everyone

Image via: Spoonful

Up-cycle Items from your House

You can use nearly any container to make a bird feeder out of it. Empty cans, plastic bottles or cups are all great items. Use also some wooden sticks or spoons on which the birds can stand to reach the food. You can fill them either with loose seeds or make a mixture out of peanut butter and seeds to make it stick into the container.

bird feeder plastic bottle

Up-cycle household items to make practical birdfeeders

Image via: Spoonful

Here are some great ideas for a sticky mixture, but you can whatever is in your house and can be eaten by the birds. You will need peanut butter or molasses, cornmeal or rolled oats, breadcrumbs, croutons, cereal or crackers. Also, use dried or fresh fruit pieces, nuts and seeds. Toss everything into a bowl and mix until you have a sticky mixture. For example, use ½ cup peanut butter, 1 cup rolled oats, ¼ cup raisins and ¼ cup of sunflower seeds. Adjust with some fruit juice or more peanut butter for moisture if needed.

popsickle birdfeeder

Another great idea for a DIY birdfeeder

Image via: Pinterest

Use Citrus Rinds as a Bird Feeder

Oranges and Grapefruits are great for these birdfeeders. Cut the fruit into half and empty the halves from the fruit so you end up with two rind bowl. Fill it with seeds. Again you can either fill it with loose seeds or make a mixture to stick it into it. Before filling the orange cup, make sure to make holes and secure some twine or cord to hang the cups. If you like, drive one or two wooden skewers through the rind to provide the birds a sitting opportunity.

bird feeder out of cups

You can use almost any container to make bird feeders

Image via: Pinterest

Using Cookie Cutters and Molds as a Bird Feeder

Another idea is to use your cookie cutters, molds or mini bundt pans to make beautiful bird feeder cookies or wreaths. All you will need is:

¼ ounce package of unflavored gelatin

2 cups of birdseed


Non-stick spray


Molds or cookie cutters

star birdfeeder

Make cute cookie cutter bird feeders

Image via: Design Dazzle

To make them, bring 6 tbsp. of water to a boil. Empty the gelatin into 2 tablespoons of cold water in a big bowl. Now let it sit for about 1 minute and then add the hot water. Stir for a couple of minutes until the gelatin has completely dissolved. Now, stir in the birdseed and stir well. Let the mixture sit a couple of minutes, then stir again and repeat this a few times. Coat the molds or cookie cutters with non-stick spray. Now spoon some of the mixture into the molds or cookie cutters, which you’ll have placed on waxed paper. Make holes with straws for the ribbon. Let them set 2-3 hours in a cold room. Remove the birdfeeders and put them onto wax paper. Let them dry overnight. Turn them upside down at least once during drying.

Cut your ribbon or twine and carefully put it through the hole or wrap it around the birdfeeder.

bird feeder wreaths

Bird feeder wreaths

Image via: Spoonful

These homemade bird feeders are great for giving away as a gift, too! Hang them from a somewhat protected tree branch or another protected spot, so the rain won’t melt them. Now, all you need to do is waiting for your little guests to come and to observe them!

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