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Repurposed Shutters: DIY Home Decor Ideas

 Entry #3161, January 1, 2014

Now that the New Year has started, why not find new purposes for old things? Instead of buying new, revamp your home for the new year! DIY home decor ideas are perfect because they require very little money and have a custom look that is uniquely yours. Shutters are the perfect decor item for your interiors without even trying. From wall screens and headboards to creative places to display family photos and more. Look at these simple ideas for your home. Whether you have shutters lying around your home or you salvage them from another home, check out these clever repurposing ideas.

shutter wallpaper

Awaken your interiors with clever shutter wall art or wall murals.

Image via: Pinterest

Repurposed Shutters: DIY Home Decor Ideas

With the shape and materials that shutters have, they can make great for a rustic side table. The process will take some work but it is well worth it. First, take 2 shutters that are at least 48in. long. Then lay one of the shutters on a flat surface and saw it exactly in half, do this for the other shutter as well. When each has be cut take a nail gun and nail the sides of the boards together making a square shape with all of the boards. Once they have all been put together, stand the base of the table (the square shaped shutters) upright and secure a top to it. The top can be made from glass, wood or whatever material you decide to use. Once that has been done, you will have your newly used side table.

D.I.Y. Ideas for Your Shutters

Use shutters as room dividers and backdrops

Image via:  Chateau and Bungalow

This idea will go great for those of use with more intimate and smaller spaces the screens can at as room dividers.  Take the shutters that you plan to use and personalize them.  Color them with designs of floral or whimsical prints, or just make it a solid color (light or dark), or and texture to it with certain fabrics and craft materials.  Once you have designed them the way you want, set them up where you want to separate the space or set up privacy for an area that may be open.

Memorabilia Wall

D.I.Y. Ideas for Your Shutters

Memorabilia Shutters

Image via:  Made in a Day

Let’s make some memories.  Have the shutters be like a memorabilia wall for your interiors.  Just paint the shutters the same color as the wall or an accent color that goes along with the décor of the room.  Then find some family photos and set them in different frames, then hang or glue them to the shutters and set them in front of a corner in the family room or den area.

Entertaining display ideas

D.I.Y. Ideas for Your Shutters

Menu Display

Image via:  BlogSpot: Beautiful Rache

How about using the shutters for your wedding décor?  That’s right! Have them set up as the menu board or an area for the place cards for the event.  Just paint your shutters all black and when the paint dries, with chalk, write the drink or meal menu for the event.  Or paint the shutters the colors of your wedding and set the table plan on it with place cards on the sides of it.

Although shutters have been great for their usual purposes, let’s branch out with some new ideas and uses for them.  It doesn’t take much and the results are truly rewarding.  So go out and explore, find other ways for you to remodeled your shutters for the better.

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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