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Save Energy this Winter: Tips for a Warmer Home

Entry #3184, January 10, 2014

With most of United States hit by the polar vortex, energy bills are bound to shoot out of the roof. At this time, along with keeping warm, it is important to work on sealing insignificant drafts that can make a huge impact on the heating bills. Here are a few easy ideas to save energy this winter and help keep the energy bills under control:

Save Energy this Winter: Tips for a Warmer Home

1. Layer the curtains –

While bundling yourself in layers, think about your windows as well. Winters is the time to switch from the light weight summer drapes to heavier ones. Heavy velvet and linen drapes work well for wintertime. Layer the windows with two sets of window treatments like insulating shades along with heavy drapes. You can layer two sets of drapes on a single window by using a bungee cord stretched across the back of the finials. Layering the windows will keep the room cozy and cold drafts out.

Layer the windows with heavy drapes to keep the cold out

Layer the windows with heavy drapes to keep the cold out

Image via: Houzz

2. Use the good old draft stopper snake –

A draft stopper or the draft snake may sound outdated, but it sure is a darn good way to stop cold air from sneaking in from under the doors and windows. You can easily craft a few at home from fabric in a print of your choice. These are not necessarily eye sores and you can pick one that matches your home décor.

Craft a draft snake at home and keep your room cozy

Craft a draft snake at home and keep your room cozy

Image via: Etsy

3. Insulate the windows –

Besides using layered drapes, it is important to stop any heat loss through the windows. Even a small gap can bring in a blast of cold air thus affecting the performance of the heating system. Improve the efficiency and lower the energy bills by simply insulating the windows with window film. You can also add storm windows and doors for double the insulation.

Insulate your windows with a window film

Insulate your windows with a window film

Image via: Everyday crafty goodness

These easy solutions are environmentally friendly and will instantly cozy up your home. Let us know if you have any such ideas to warm up your home without worrying about the energy bills. Whether you are trying to keep more money in your pocket, warm your home, or all of the above – use these ways to Save Energy this Winter!

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