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Tips for Decluttering your Home after the Holidays

Entry #3172, January 5, 2014

Now that the holidays are over, let’s look at all of the clutter that’s lying around- gifts, holiday greeting cards, decorations, and old toys your kids have ditched for new ones. Try these easy tips to cut clutter and get your home back to normal state. Now that we are into a new year its time to try these tips for decluttering your home after the holidays.

Tips for clearing clutter after Holidays

Tips for clearing clutter after Holidays

Image via: Pinterest

Tips for Decluttering your Home after the Holidays

Don’t procrastinate

We know that you are exhausted and stressed after all the holiday cheer, but the reality is the longer you take to get things sorted, the more likely it is that the situation will get worse. And especially if you still have some time off from work, take advantage and start taking out the decorations and creating places for all the new items you get throughout the holidays.

Organized blue kitchen

Don’t put off getting organized! Start now.

Image via: 79 Ideas

Unused items

Did you get a sweater or dress last Christmas that you still have not been able to wear? Chances are you will never wear it. The same goes for everything else you have not used or opened since you got it. Wrap them and give them to someone who might use them. Organize kids clothes, shoes, and belongings to ensure kids get a routine that fits them this new year.

organizing home

Ensure your home gets organized with functional furniture

Image via: BHG

Get one, Toss two

Take it as a thumb rule, when you plan to keep one thing,  get rid of two items you no longer use. For instance, for every new winter clothing you add to your wardrobe, remove two older ones.

Get organized in intervals

organized drawers

Organize drawers to find items quicker and easily

Image via: Good Housekeeping

Rather than tackling the whole house together, take up one thing at a time. For instance, gather all your holiday decorations at one place; group them together and then sort them. Similarly, while you wait for the coffer to brew, utilize the time to sort through mails and holiday greetings.

When de-cluttering your house post holidays, work quickly and don’t deliberate over each item. Make decisions and move on! Do you have any tips for decluttering your home that have worked for you? We’d love to hear them.

For more organization tips on Stagetecture, click here.

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