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Home Decor: 3 Ways to Use Old Wooden Crates

Have you any crates laying around that you want to get rid of? Well, better think again! Sturdy crates can make some wonderful decoration for your home or provide brilliant storage solutions. Here are 3 ideas on how to re-purpose wooden crates to give your home decor a nice twist. If you don’t have crates at hand, you can always buy a few new ones on the cheap and give them the look you need.

crate shelves

Wooden crates make excellent shelves

Image via: BHG

Home Decor: 3 Ways to Use Old Wooden Crates

1. Use wooden crates as shelves

This one is so easy, anyone can do it. All you need are some wooden crates and the hardware to secure them on the wall (e.g. driller etc.). You can also choose to give them an extra twist using a couple of beautiful brackets for each crate. Another way to make the crates look even better is to give them a nice wooden finish with some wood paint or give them a pop with brighter colored paint. Also, you can choose to cover the back of the crates with some kind of liner, like wallpaper, fabric or other material. You can use a self-adherent type to make the make-over even easier. Once you are happy with your crates, you can hang them on the wall either in a nice lined order or mix things up a little and go for an unconventional look by placing them in a more chaotic order. It’s really up to you and on the look you are going for.

crate bookshelf

Make some beautiful rustic looking bookshelves with wooden crates

Image via: Retropolitan

2. Make a bookshelf or shelving system out of the wooden crates

Another idea is to use more crates and secure them together to build a unique bookshelf. Painting the crates with bright, fun colors would make them an ideal addition to any kids’ room! You can choose by either stack them on each other or make a more unsymmetrical arrangement by arranging some of the crates horizontally and others vertically. The outcome will be fantastic in any case.  Remember: to keep things nice and organized don’t overfill the crates with books and items.

crate furniture

Wooden crates can be very practical

Image via: French by Design

3. Create some unique furniture items

When it comes to using crates, your imagination is the limit. You can put some console legs under a slim wooden crate to create a wonderful console, or just add some smaller legs to make a side table or night stand. Another option is to use the wooden crates almost as they were designed to be used in the first place; to store stuff. Just add some wheels on the bottom of the crate to give it some mobility and you will have the perfect rustic looking storage.

crate console

There are so many options to use crates as furniture

Image via: Carpooling brauksimkopa

Implementing any of these ideas will add a unique personal touch to your home decor. And if you really like using wooden crates, think about using them as table décor by adding vases or plants, using them as coffee tables (one large crate or more of them nailed together) or in any other way you choose.

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