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Home Organization: 5 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks

Kitchen is not only for cooking. The place is also used for eating and spending time together with the family members. So, the central hub of the family activities is going to get messy, giving moms a hard time keeping it clean and organized! We’ve rounded up 5 time-saving kitchen hacks that will make the task of home organization easier for moms, especially for the busy ones!

Home Organization: 5 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks


Spice rack saves the kitchen from getting messy!

Image via: Container Store

1. Keep Spices in Order

Many of us just love to use spices and herbs in cooking. But, what about numerous spice bottles and petite packages scattered on the kitchen island or inside the cabinet? Nightmare! A spice rack affixed to the inside of a cabinet door or a lazy Susan standing in the cabinet corner will keep your herbs and spices organized. Label the bottles and packages to save more time!

2. A Basket for Baking Supplies

Love to bake? Use a basket to keep all the baking supplies like baking soda, baking powder, xanthin gum, cream of tartar, kosher salt, etc. It’s tiresome and time-wasting to walk back and forth to the cabinet while baking. Instead, just keep the basket on the counter and put it back in the cabinet when you are finished.


Keep everything separate but together.

Image via: Buzzfeed

3. Save Time with Cleaning Supplies

A basket or bucket under the sink is a good storage option but it eventually gets messy when a number of bottled and small products end up there. The best thing to save you from this mess is a tension rod. Install one under the sink and hang the cleaning supply bottles there. Waste your time no more hunting through the basket for cleaning supplies!

4. Freeze up Slow Cooker Meals

If you are a working mom, you will understand how much time and effort has to be given for cooking. So, pack the recipe of various slow cooker meals in separate zipped up bags and store them in the freezer. It will be a huge time-saver during the weekdays. And, make it up to your family by cooking a grand meal on Sunday!


A life-saver for busy moms!

Image via: Hello Natural

5. Manage the Dirty Dishes

What comes after eating? A sink filled with a mountain of dirty dishes, cups, glasses, and spoons! Horrible! Putting them right in the dishwasher will keep the sink clean and save your time. You can also teach your kids about how to help you in keeping the kitchen clean. In addition, serving right from the pot and lining the baking pans with foil will spare you from a lot of dishwashing.

These tips are handy in making your kitchen tasks less hazardous. As these home organization hacks have saved you time in cleaning, organizing, and searching in the kitchen, you can give more time to your kids.

Loved the hacks? Share some of your secrets with us!

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