Ready to Move?


Are you ready to move, or at least thinking about it? Stagetecture helps you figure out if selling your house on your own is for you, or if choosing a Realtor would be better. Through staging tips and services, we will help you make your home more marketable and appealing to future home buyers. We’ll even help you with the curb appeal, so buyer’s will want to get out of their car.. and into your home!

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Stagetecture Services:



  • At no cost to you, we will do a thorough walk through and assessment of your home.  Next, we will sit down and discuss why you feel that your home hasn’t sold yet, and what options we can offer for a more marketable product.

Click on “Free Consultation – Preparation”  help get the most out of your free service.

After the consultation, Stagetecture will review the “TIERS” of services that are available: Click on”Tier Services” for detailed description of each level.