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I write for Home Pulse magazine, – “Citrus County, Florida Luxury Home Values, Remodeling, Decorating, Improvements, Trends & Landscaping publication for home owners. Below are links to the publication.

Your home is the center of your life. You deserve to enjoy it from the time you Buy until the time you Sell… and every day in between. Don’t wait until you move to remodel, decorate, improve, beautify, organize and create your dream space. Improving your home inspires your neighbors and raises the value of all of your neighborhood.

Home Pulse March_April

My feature: Water Garden Designs, Fun & Functional Home Office Design, Why You Love the Hues You Do

April/May Issue:

My Features:

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  • Feature/Cover Story: Water Garden Designs: Naturally Inspired Spaces
  • Home Improvement: Room for Two: Fun & Functional Home Office Design
  • New Trends: Color Schemes: Why You Love the Hues You Do
Home Pulse - 2.16.11

My feature - Functional Kitchens, and my other article Guest Bathrooms (bottom left)

January/February Issue:

My Features:

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  • Feature/Cover Story: Kitchen Functionality
  • Guest Bathrooms

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