E-Consultation – Virtual Design Help (Phone/Email/Skype)


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Need Stagetecture’s input on a design project at your home?  Have you made a decision but just need confirmation that it’s the right one before spending money to re-carpet, repaint, or buy all new furniture?

Feel free to call us, or shoot us an email.  We can help you in less time, and less headache.  We’ll discuss your vision and make sure decisions you make will fit within your design goals for the space.

This option is great for everyone, because I don’t need to be in your home for you to get expert advice!

What you need to do:

Email Stagetecture photos of your current room
Call us with questions or if you want to discuss ‘in person’
Go to the “Contact” area and fill out the form. We will respond within 24 hours of your inquiry. Please include a detailed description of your project, design challenge, and your time line to get the project completed.


Phone/email consultation: First 30 minutes FREE!
Tell us what your design challenge is, then we will work out what needs to be emailed, and the pricing.

Pricing ranges from $50.00/ per hour – furniture layout, buying decisions, etc…  $75.00/hr+/- choosing paint colors, finishes, advising on manufacturers, etc…