Home Staging

Tiered Services


  • The information gathered during your consultation will be reviewed and returned to you in the form of a staging analysis. This will include a room by room breakdown of what can be enhanced and/or modified in your home. This analysis is a blueprint for you to follow on your own, in order to create the environment that home buyers are looking for.


  • If the idea of staging solo seems a little overwhelming, we can help. Tier 2 includes the written analysis along with the assistance of an actual stager. You, along with some friends, and family will rework your home with the guidance and expertise of a stager. Additionally, we provide helpful reviewing and staging tips that will allow you to leave your home looking showroom ready and still get to work on time.


  • The actual process of staging may not be of interest to you. You may be a busy Realtor or a homeowner with “better things to do!” Tier 3 is a full service staging package. We come into your home and cover every facet of the staging. This option also includes a photo package. You will receive photos to use in MLS listings, by-owner home sale sites, publications, etc. We help bring the buyers to you by just viewing pictures of your newly staged home.


The below services can be added on to one of your Tier Services, or used stand alone.

  • Exterior analysis – “Curb Appeal” – includes walkway, landscaping, front entry staging tips.
  • Staging resources- Stagetecture will utilize the existing home owner’s furnishings. If needed, at the home owner’s request, we can buy/rent/shop for furnishings, plantings and accessories to make your staged home look like it’s out of a magazine!
  • Photography – Stagetecture can take pictures of your home, and provide digital files for your use.
  • Marketing Media – Targeted at the “By-Owner” homeowner: Flier’s, Amenity Lists, Open House sign in sheets.

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Free Consultation Preparation

Preparation for Stagetecture to visit your home:

Congratulations! You are on your way to making your home more marketable, functional, and appealing to home buyer’s.

To ensure that you get the most out of your free one hour consultation, please review the following. The more you are able to complete before we come, the more beneficial, and accurate your consultation will be.

  • De-clutter: Go through each room in your house and remove excess items that are not in use, or take up lots of space.
  • Storage Units: If your home has a large amount of furniture, exercise/sporting equipment, etc.. Consider renting at an off-site storage facility. You would be surprised how quickly your home will sell, if a home buyer feels the spaciousness immediately walking through your home.
  • Garage Sale/Craigslist/Salvation Army/ etc… Sell/Donate excess - Use these places to clear out closets, garages, children s rooms, offices, patios, etc…
  • Clean: Go through your home and treat it as though you are paying to stay at your house, like a hotel. If the rooms don’t feel like you would pay to stay there, you need to clean it. Home buyers want to feel like they could move in tomorrow.. Don’t give them the second thought of how much they would have to clean, before moving in.

Think of reasons your home isn’t selling:

  • Wow Factor?: When home buyers walk in your home, do they say “WOW!”? If not, then for some reason there isn’t enough buyer appeal. Stagetecture will help you figure out why.
  • Exterior and Interior compete?: Does the outside of your home draw people in from the curb? When people get inside are they pleasantly surprised, because the exterior doesn’t look cared for?
  • Neighbors/Neighborhood: How does your house compare to your immediate neighbors and the neighborhood? If yours looks dramatically different for the positive or negative, think about how you could make your home be a show stopper. If your house doesn’t compare, ask your neighbor if they can give you some tips and/or advice.
  • Price? Stagetecture does not handle the pricing factor of your home. This is up to you and/or your Realtor. Stagetecture does recommend that you look at comparable sales in your area, and keep your home in alignment with the trends for quicker sale.