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Stagetecture has had several years of just being written by me, Ronique Gibson. As Stagetecture grew it was abundantly clear that I needed to start having a more diverse voice to offer my readers as well as give exposure to other great home niche writers. Here is my inspiring team that brings you Stagetecture every day!

Ronique Gibson, Assoc. Architect, LEED A.P.

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Associate Architect | Owner | Writer | Author |  Lifestyle Expert | Radio

Ronique Gibson, Associate AIA, LEED A.P., is a home design/lifestyle expert whose point of view is enhanced by the fact she is a trained architect—stretching back 17 years, her career in the design field brings her a natural astuteness at identifying spatial acuity, aesthetic elegance and overall graciousness when she is crafting coverage for new media.

She launched in 2009, quickly establishing herself as a voice on the design scene by helping homeowners meet myriad challenges. Through the informative blog, she showcases elements that bring pizzazz to interiors, helps the frazzled gain a handle on organization, shares fun do-it-yourself projects, and acts as a resource for top-shelf solutions that make everyday life brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Requests to contribute to a variety of high-profile home-design, architecture and lifestyle blogs and publications quickly followed. Gibson has represented the popular portal at the World Market Las Vegas, and was tapped by Brizo to participate in Blogger19—a select group of social media savants who attend New York Fashion Week to see Jason Wu launch his couture collections each year. Within five years of founding Stagetecture, she has gone global, traveling to Valencia and Madrid as a member of a select group of leading architectural journalists with the Tile of Spain organization. In September 2014 she visited Bologna, Italy for Cersaie 2014 Tile and Bathroom Furnishings Trade show with the Ceramics of Italy journalist delegation.

Gibson also serves as the ‘Blogger Expert’ moderator for the Interior Designer Community on Google+. In this capacity, she offers new media tips and presents coverage of her travels to design events. She is known for enhancing the brands she has special access to, both for their existing audience and potential customers, through video, social media and blogging. One such event, an invitation to participate in a video produced by SubZero/Wolf that presented the ideas of influential design bloggers, illustrates her worldwide influence that has enabled her to form beneficial alliances with major brands.

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Editorial Staff

Rehana Akter



Rehana Akter is a freelance writer who loves writing about a little bit of everything. She has experience in blog, article, and product review writing. She loves exploring new topics and subjects and writing on them with a touch of creative flair. Her writing style morphs itself according to the target audience and the required parameters. She has been writing for since December 2012.

As a post-graduate in English Language and Literature, she can yield almost impeccable contents and transform even the most intricate theme into simple flow of words – intelligible to everyone.

Rehana is a native Bangladeshi who is currently based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. After completing her post-graduation, she has engaged herself in freelance writing and has been trying her hand in literary writing.

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Anchal Bhatia



Anchal is an animal lover and Blogger and writer by choice and an entrepreneur by profession. Apart from writing for various online platforms, she owns a blog dedicated to love and relationships- Having years of experience under her belt as a lifestyle content writer, she loves to write on topics related to travel, relationships, weddings , honeymoon, home décor, health, fitness, and beauty.

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Joy Musyoka



I am an experienced freelance writer/blogger with a passion for writing. I enjoy seeing ideas being transformed into realities. I always seek to inspire others through my writing and to make a difference in one way or another. Each time I write, I’m transported to a whole new world full of possibilities. I run a blog, Kenya Hub which inspires, motivates and educates people.

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Stella Xanth

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Stella has been an Engineer for many years now but since she became a mom she discovered an additional passion: finding interesting and fun things to do with the kids as well as how to decorate and look after her home, especially with DIY Crafts. All that, together with always wanting to put her thoughts and ideas “on paper”, resulted in her getting involved with blogging, making her life more exciting than ever. You can visit her blog, Posimagine.

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Simran Chhibber



Simran is an Architect, Interior Designer and a Freelance Writer who has worked in New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore as a design professional. Having explored her potential as a designer she has shifted her gears to writing, which has been her passion for a long time now. She puts it this way `Architecture has immensely nourished my creativity and writing has provided warmth to my soul. Its great that I can experience both when I choose to write about design’.

Simran also runs her blog by the name of Simran Chhibber and is presently a contributor to Homes & Interiors, Deccan Herald.

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Past Contributors

Lydia Matthews

Lydia is a graduate of Florida State College at Jacksonville.  She was always interested in design, whether it was culinary, interiors, architecture, or even mechanics.  The science and creative processes behind the works fascinated her to pursue it for herself.  After she obtains her Associate Arts Degree in Interior Design she plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia to further her education and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.

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Tara Mastroeni

Tara Mastroeni is a twenty-something writer who specializes in lifestyles media. Her work has been published by and, among others. She loves food, entertaining, and home design. In her free time, she can be foun testing new recipes and treating “Chopped” like a sporting event.

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Daniela Aleinad

Interiors need to have good energy, they need to be alive. A balanced composition in my eyes is important and contributes to a better living environment. If something is out of balance I don’t feel connected to it. I am an interior designer, blogger and freelance writer and very passionate about the world of interior design and architecture. I have previous experience in online marketing and social media and started recently my own architecture and interior design blog, which can be seen at Le Bureau Magnifique.

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John Chavez

John Chavez has been a freelance writer for many years and loves helping homeowners find inspiration in their everyday lives. He provides coaching, ghost writing and proofreading services. His educational background in vocational education and information technology equipped him with the expertise in handling a broad range of topics. He loves writing about architecture, home interior designs, innovative furniture and practical home essentials. These interests have made him enjoy writing for since April of 2012. His excellent writing skills are reflected in the client’s feedback on John continues to pursue his passion for writing and enthusiasm for work excellence.

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Kriti Jindal

Kriti worked as a home furnishings buyer and merchandiser for 7 years before an ankle injury forced her to quit her job and stay put at home. This was when she channelized her love for textiles, decor and interior styling into a creative outlet through her blog Handmade Talks.

Besides writing, Kriti also helps buyers from across the world source gorgeous textiles and artisanal products from India.

When not writing, Kriti loves visiting pop-up handmade markets, traveling and capturing odd sights with the hope of creating an eclectic collection of photos one day!

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Jenna Gipson

Jenna is a freelance writer with a very overworked laptop.  With an education in art and design, she loves the opportunity to share her favorite subjects through writing and stay involved in a community of fellow design-lovers.  An avid traveler, Jenna has a passion for incorporating international influences into her design and cooking.  When not traveling, Jenna tries to decide on a new color to paint her living room, and reads books about art crime. Visit her at Jenna or more samples of her work and her daily blog about life as a writer!

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Ada Teicu

Ada Teicu is a dedicated writer with a Master`s degree in Mass-media and Public Relations. She acknowledges the need for a world filled with creativity, comfort and beauty and shares inspiration from the international design scene with readers just as passionate. Ada puts pieces side by side to offer the landscape of modern architecture, sometimes entangled with personal experiences on her blog.

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Rachel Morgan

Rachel’s passion for interior design derived from her mother. Her mother brought her into it at the age of ten when she was asked for her ideas to decorate her and her sisters’ bedroom. Since then Rachel has had an everlasting interest in design. She nurtured that interest with her involvement in art and the environment. She has won countless awards both academically and artistically. After high school Rachel attended Florida State College at Jacksonville where she pursued her dream of being a designer. Rachel’s passion became more involved when she started designing and giving advice during her internship with Ronique Gibson at which was an unique and very influential experience. It was so influential that she continued to do it. Since then her love for offering helpful advice on “How to Get the Look” has been very rewarding.

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Keisha Brown

A seasonal blogger and an avid Academic Researcher for over 8 years, known widely for lifestyle, travel, current affairs and health/fitness topics. With an impressive presence on various Freelance websites such as Elance, she currently heads a Content Writers team at

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Shelley Little

Most days, you will find me in my PJ’s, in front of my laptop with two toy poodles at my feet. They are great for bouncing my ideas off of, but seem to lack the conversational etiquette I desire.

But seriously, for the past seven years I have worked as a freelance news journalist and creative writer. I have published hundreds of news articles; I have a successfully published children’s book titled, “Brady Meets the President”; and I have recently begun a new writing and lifestyle blog with a wonderful friend of mine. You can find her at The Steph and Shelley Show

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